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Missouri faces a troubling uptick in energy prices

We sometimes forget Missouri has been a coal-producing state for decades. Although not a major producer like Wyoming or West Virginia, our state has mined coal, along with lead, zinc, copper and silver for more than a century. And all of this mining has not only employed thousands in family-supporting, middle-class jobs, but it has also underpinned some of America’s key industrial sectors (thanks to the lead we extract for car batteries and computers, and the copper we contribute to electric wires and home appliances.) CLICK LINK TO READ MORE

Washington Tells Us Our Electric Bills Will Rise

You have to admire the Obama Administration’s optimism. Even though the Supreme Court issued a stay on the president’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) earlier this year, the EPA insists that states should keep moving forward with efforts to radically alter their power sector. CLICK LINK TO READ MORE